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Massage and Body

Complete Relaxation For Any Budget

Massage and Body - Contours Day SpaNot only does massage help loosen sore muscles, but it also enhances overall muscle tone and posture. Each session is personalized to focus on those areas of your body that need the most attention. We use essential aromatic oils to engage all of your senses throughout all of our body treatments and massages.

You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated in as little as 30 minutes. Check out the different massage and body treatments below.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Gentle to firm pressure.

30 minutes: $40.00
60 minutes: $65.00
90 minutes: $90.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure.

30 minutes: $45.00
60 minutes: $75.00
90 minutes: $105.00

Hot Rock Massage

Warm your muscles with the heat of these smooth rocks.

60 minutes: $80.00

Prenatal Massage

Our massage therapist knows all of the spots to ease the aches of pregnancy.

60 minutes: $75.00

Runner’s Massage

Pressure applied to the hips, buttocks, and legs.

45 minutes: $55.00

Vichy Pod Experience

Do you want the complete relaxation experience? Direct from Australia, the Vichy Pod Experience starts with a full-body exfoliation followed by a gentle steam in the pod while you listen to calming music. Once your steam bath is complete, all is rinsed off clean, leaving you feeling relaxed. Follow up with a 30-minute moisturizing body run for the ultimate relaxation.

75 minutes: $90.00

The Ultimate Pod Experience

Experience the Pod with a hydrating, detoxifying, relaxing mud treatment.

1 hour, 45 minutes: $125.00

Back Treatment

Don’t forget about your other side! This body treatment is a facial for your back! Experience the deep-cleansing exfoliation with this steam treatment followed by a massage and a customized mask.

One Treatment: $55.00